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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  September 21, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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been living here 42 years and didn't think i would see anything like this. >> reporter: you can see the bullet holes in the window of the vest bull. six in the front, a couple more in the side window and there is shattered glass inside. no one in the store was hit. bertha miller heard the gun fire. >> all of a sudden, we heard all of the shots and i said somebody's shooting. she said yeah and sounded -- it is. she said yes it is. we both jumped up. >> reporter: as police officers converged on the area they detained two men running from the scene. two others, one critically wind, drove off. that is where witnesses told police the driver got out leaving his wounded friend inside and ran through a nearby gate and out into the neighborhood. police searched the area and came up empty. how far, inside the car, law enforcement sources say -- however, inside the car, law enforcement sources say officers spot a handgun. >> i'm not able to confirm who did the shooting what,
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transpired. that is what investigators are doing right now. they're interviewing witnesses. there are several witnesses who are actually around the area and so we're talking to them and trying to get a complete story of the events that occurred here this morning. >> reporter: fbi agents and d.c. police spent hours going over the crime scene. canine teams scour the neighborhood while crime scene investigators marked shell casings, took photo graphs of a gun and a vest bull where the attempted robbery -- vestee bull where the attempted robbery took place. this is the vestibule where yet happened. the police are on the scene many hours later. our law enforcement sources are cautioning us tonight not to say that the two men questioned were being arrested. they were arrested, should say, detained on aspen street. again, no charges fileed there and we don't have the identities of the men. the one that is still in critical condition at med star
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we don't have an identity on that person at this point and they don't know who it is that ran from the scene and there is still -- they're still trying to identify the person. what we can tell you is that police have gotten or -- tell you is that police have gotten or are try search warrants in this area where they're hoping to get more information about what they might have gotten here at the cvs. >> and there are a lot of questions to be answered. thank you very much. developing in the district, a last-minute rally in support of a georgia death row inmate. troy davis is set to be executed at 7:00 tonight. despite international outcry over doubts on his guilt. hundreds marched to the white house where a dozen protestors were arrested. sherri ly is live with the latest tonight. >> reporter: this didn't start out to be a protest in an act of civil disobedience, but the marchers started at howard
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university. they were protesting the execution that is schedule tonight of troy davis, the georgia inmate set to die tonight and brought their message to the white house. >> no peace, no justice, no peace, no justice. >> reporter: hundreds of student protestors from howard coverged on the white house to save davis. the protestors joined international calls to stop the execution tonight over questionable evidence and witnesses who recanted. they did not have a permit, though, to protest, and police moved in to break up the crowd ordering them to disburse. the police said that they would give the protestors three warnings. if they had not moved by then, they would be arrested. some of the protestors refused, sitting down outside of the white house gates. when that final warning came up police moved in and arrested them about a dozen were handcuffed and taken away.
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those protestors are still here tonight and they collected the money to help bail out those who were arrested and they tell us they will be here through the 7:00 execution time tonight until the execution is stopped or troy davis takes his last breath. >> thank you. and we're following a questioning story out of maryland. two prince georges county police officers indicted for the beating of a university of maryland student turned themselves in today. the beatdown happened a year and a half ago after the basketball team's big win over duke. they were indicted on felony assault charges yesterday and today, they were booked on the charges. they each posted a $75,000 bond and were released. the next court appearances have not been scheduled. moving forward now, the field of candidates to replace councilwoman leslie johnson has been narrowed down to two.
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in a primary election yesterday, district 6 voters chose davis as their democratic nominee and a woman named day gardener won the republican nomination. john henrehan has more. >> reporter: voting patterns indicate it's a heavily democratic enclave and this general election has candidates from both parties and their views are quite different. in the democratic primary race, there were 14 candidates which makes the 55% victory of derrek leeon davis impressive, i deed. on the republican side, day gardener was unopposed. both candidates are seeking to replace former council member leslie johnson who resigned under pressure after pleading guilty to corruption-related charges. leslie johnson's husband, jack johnson, the former county executive, has also pleaded guilty. the republican day gardener said it's time for a new perspective on the county
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couple. >> -- county council. >> we have had a lot of corruption in prince georges county. not just with this scandal but there have been a lot of problems here. the most important thing is we put an end to it. >> we're upset when we have corruption that occurs. our focus on a new day, i'm focused on the future. i was raised in a house that the cardinal rule -- my father was military and my mother was a spiritual woman, was don't bring shame on my house. >> day gardener has worked for d.c.-based antiabortion organizations calling hearing a pro-life conservative and said education reform will be among the top priorities if elected to the prince georges county council. and when talking about the school system, day gardener doesn't mince words. >> we have horrible schools here in prince georges county. i think it's necessary to do something about that and i think it's necessary to look into charter schools. >> reporter: derrek leeon davis, a former school administrator agrees that
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voters do want some reform and education but a different kind. >> they want to see apprenticeship opportunities, preapprenticeship opportunities and make sure that every child has an opportunity to participate in the economy. the folks want jobs. >> reporter: the general election to replace leslie johnson in the council is less then a month away. the voters will choose the new council member on tuesday. >> give the fact that prepser. >>s county is overwhelmingly democratic, and the republican candidate have a chance here? >> reporter: one operativeel to me that even win the county, this is among the most democratic areas, generally the answer would be no but you have a corruption scandal and a special elect. not a lot of people are go -- special election. not a lot of people are going to story out in late october. that is when a minority party could win. if i were a betting man, it's
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democratic. the dells have the odds in his favor. >> we'll be watching. thank you. the high stakes of business in the middle east took center stage at the united nations today as palestinians continue to push for recognition as an independent country. president obama addressed the united nation's general assembly. what does the -- is the u.s. going to do about this? >> reporter: officials made it clear that they will veto any effort to fully recognize palestine. palestinians will formerly ask the u.n. for statehood on friday but president obama wants -- is rejecting the move and wants them to negotiate directly with israel. abbas walked through the united nation doors and president obama made it clear he would not walk out with u.n. recognition of a palestinian state. >> the genuine peace can be realized between israelis and
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the palestinians themselves. >> reporter: the president said the u.n. should not formally recognize palestine and asked both sides to return to the stalled middle east peace talks. >> the israelis and palestinians, not us, who must reach an agreement on issues that divide them. on borders and on security o refugees and jerusalem. >> reporter: the palestinians are expected to ask the u.n. to formally recognize them on friday and the joint meeting as benjamin netanyahu has praise upon president obama. >> and this is a bam of honor. i want to thank you for wearing that badge of honor and to express my hope that others will follow your example, mr. president. >> reporter: while the u.s. endorsed the concept of an independent palestine, it's prepared when the security council stops recognition now. >> i think that the u.s. is going to get blamed either way. >> reporter: bret schaeffer, the police expert at the
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heritage foundation, said alternatives like palestine status as a non-member state observer creates some problems. >> that would be giving credibility to the palestinians claims of statehood. outside of the negotiated framework with israel. >> the way forward, though, could lead all sides back where they started and with that model east peace process on he, the palestinians seeking alli es. and it's important to point out during the speech last year, president obama did call for the creation of an independent palestinian state. since then, there have been troubles. talks have broken down and with the continued israeli construction, the palestinian incuring of the israeli hill territory. >> where is the security council involved in this. why couldn't the general assembly vote palestine in? >> reporter: it's a good
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question. the reason is the only real power residing in the united nation resides in the security couple. there were permanent members -- they have veto power and in order for this to go through to the general assembly and be voted on where the united states has no veto authority, it first has to go through the security council. the united states is putting the marker here and that until they pledged to return, the israelis are not going to greenlight through the security couple and preventing it from going to the general assembly. >> tom fitzgerald, thank you. >> and will you spend $16 for a muffin? hear what agency did. that is the beginning of the wasteful government spending uncovered in a new report. an expert helps us break it down next. >> and the long wait for the u.s. hikers held in an iranian prison is finally over. see their first taste of freedom still ahead tonight. >> keep it here. fox 5 news at 5 is coming back.
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>> an end to a two-year nightmare for american hikers. they were released from a tehran prison this morning and ended up in oman. this is showing the men reuniting with their families at the airport in oman. also, there to greet her fiance
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and their friend is sara -- sarah shourd who was released last year. amy kellogg has details on what finally ended their long ordeal. >> reporter: swiss officials, who represent u.s. interests in iran, parked outside of tehran's prison. a welcome site for two jailed american hikers. finally allowed to see the light of day. a state department source confirming josh fattal and shane bauer are now free. president obama didn't specifically address the news before the u.n. general assembly this morning but mentioned the country's controversial nuclear program. >> the iranian government can't demonstrate the program is peaceful. it's not met obligations and rejects officers that would provide it with peaceful nuclear power. >> reporter: a lawyer for the men clearing the way for their long awaited release. after a $1 million bail for freedom deal was approved by the iranian judiciary. >> the legal procedure is over and as i told you i was
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waiting for a signature, which i managed to get today. >> reporter: just last mop, fattal and bauer were sentenced to eight years in prison in iran for illegal entry and spying. both men with their travel companion sarah shourd were arrested in 2009 after straying into iran. shourd was released last september for health issues. the joy error errorful news with mahmoud ahmadinejad's business to new york. he had announced news of the hikers' impending release and had clashed with his own country's court. the hikers release appears aimed to earn him political goodwill in the united states. and president ahmadinejad is scheduled to address the u.n. general assembly on thursday. amy kellogg fox news. the d.c. region called out for poor air quality. we're talking about the kind of smog scene in los angeles.
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we'll have a closer look at what it means and what is making our air so bad. also ahead, a live look outside, storms finally moving on. what you can expect? gain's sneak peek at the forecast is next.
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>> buying longer-term holdings for lower borrowing costs and stock prices. the government starts the new fiscal year in a week and congress needs to agree on a now temporary spinning bill. the republicans want to add $3 million to the fema bill and take away $1.5 billion in loans for lawmakers that helped produce cars with green energy. if both sides can't agree by september 30th, here we go again, the government could shut down and speak of economics, would you pay $16 for a muffin? how about $8 for a cup of coffee. the gup did.
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a new audit reveals extravagant and wasteful spending at government campuses. tom schatz joins us now. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> and i think we know in this day and age where we have record unemployment and pleasures to hear the government spending this kind of money on coffee and muffins. i think we're in the wrong business. we need to start selling the government paste rise. >> i want to know what is in the muffins for $16. what are they putting in there? they have to be good to be expensive and this is happening under the bush and obama administration, they have gotten around regulation saying they have not done it at all. -- at all. they paid $3300 to get a planner from anchorage to palm sprigs to tell the justice department how to -- palm springs to tell the justice department what the justice department does. >> it's unfortunate when we see all of this and on this small level, we can't get a hole or control or manage small
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spending, this is in conditions like this, how will we manage it as a hole for our government? >> there is so much to be saved by managing what we spend. not even deciding what we should be spending the money on or not spending the money on. any organization can cut $10 to 15% -- 10 to 15% of the expenditures by managing what they do more efficiently. the government, we hit a $400 billion right there and there is no reason to talk about where we going raise taxes and do about other things. that needs to be addressed and let's manage what we have more effectively and pay tag. it's the taxpayers' money. >> let meread you the response. according to "the washington post," the spokesperson said the consultants they hired to help plan event his valuable knowledge and that the department did its best to control the cause. officials thought they were saving money by serving muffins and other snacks instead of
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full meals. what is your response to that? >> no one was checking to see how much they cost her item. they have an amount of money to spend they didn't look at what was being spent. my daughter got married a couple of weeks ago. i can guarantee we looked at everything that was going through the whole process to see where week make it nice and not spend too much. >> yeah, bottom line is we will keep watching them and we know you will, too. tom schatz, citizens against government waste, thank you for coming in. >> thanks, shawn. >> how much is it going to cost to get sun around here? >> i would be willing to pay $16. [ laughter ] >> and per sunny day. >> there you go. >> and bring it in and on. >> if i had any control, i would char you $20, $25 j. okay. >> and -- >> reporter: ed $16. you have to draw the line somewhere. >> there is always room for northbound. i can't guarantee any sunshine for awhile. may be we see a little bit this weekend, but we're still in the cloudy, gloomy pattern and have
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some showers out there, too and start with 70el in radar and we have been waiting on them all day long and the showers will be passing by south of ganesville there and to fredericksburg. there is a good cell too, and they're moving up from the south and bakely up i-95. -- basically up i-95 and to the north-northeast and our western areas may not get the showers but looks like the metro is in for shower. 74 at 7:00 and we'll keep the showers in. the winds out of the south, southeast at 5. the full forecast is coming up and as you try to pay me, i don't i will produce is shine and we'll look at that forecast coming up. in the d.c. area, we breathe some of the smoggiest air in the country. now, a new report called danger in the air from environment in
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virginia shows the d.c. area has 33 smog days and three red alert days and that is tied with baltimore. the riverside-san bernardino area is ranked the worse. we have a warring to be on the lookout -- warning to be on the lookout for bears in virginia. they're not afraid of people. a father and son recorded this video in southwestern virginia. the bear wandered up,ive inel on the dad's boot and took off into the woods. bears are being spotted closer to home in prince william county. a mother bear and her cub were seen nor the antetum elementary school in woodbridge and the school is asking parents to walk kids to and from schoolef day and a woman reported seeing a bear in her backyard on snow meadow lane in july. can you imagine that? >> no, yikes. yeah. and a somber ceremony decades in the making. >> 9 world war ii army airmen
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are lady to rest. we'll take to you the emotional farewell coming up. also, a health alert that every parent needs to hear. you heard the bpa warnings of plastics and bottles. canned foods are getting called out. what you need to know to keep your kids from getting sick.
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>> losing your hair is a difficult side effect of some cancer treatment. tonight, 46 moms are choosing to go bald, shaving their heads in sol dare etwith their children who -- solidarity with the children who have the disease. this is a thank youing event. >> reporter: absolutely. it's a combination of celebration and sadness as well. 46 mamas shaved to the brave the name of the event and what is going on here at union
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station. moms who have children with cancer, who beat cancer or who lost children to cancer are shaving it all off in solidarity. as men of you know treatment is often associated with hair loss. 46 represents the number of children every week day in the united states diagnosed with pediatric cancer. the process has started for you, my dear. tell me why you're here as mary continues to process? >> i am here to honor my son david. one of his last wishes was that i be a 46 mama and raise as much money as possible and shave my head. >> and you're doing it. you have raised a lot of money. you told david your son before he passed earlier this year, you would raise 25,000. what have you raised? >> well, heel to me i would raise 25,000 that was scary, but i have raised over $47,000 new. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> reporter: let me go introduce everyone to cathleen ruddy, the executive director
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of the saint bald win's on. [ no audio ] >> with the grant application and make sure every granted award side the best. we fund the best research wherever it takes place. >> what kind of money are we talking about from this event alone? y understand in a single year, perhaps, you can do hundreds of events. this has outshined many. >> this is a phenomenal effort. i don't think that many things can beat the passion of 46 women on a mission for their kids. >> yeah. >> and the mamas have raised over $300,000 they're still going and that is not too late to give. >> incredible. let me give a quick look to the audience as i throw it back to you laura. these are the money that helped with the moms and the family members. this is the heart and soul of 46 mamas. laura, back into the studio. >> what an incredible event for the purpose of raising money
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and awareness. those are brave mothers and we're sorry for their loss and their tragedies with their children being sick. an extra $100,000 to help children battling cancer. the hospital was awarded a hope grant from hyundai today. some of the young cancer patients were invited to put their painted hand prints on a canvass to represent their personal triumphs. the money will be used for a new program called cooking for cancer. >> this program will allow us to provide nutrition and take care of lifestyle of cancer survivors. >> children's initial medical center and inova fairfax are being awarded $100,000 hope grant. in tonight's health alert, the breast cancer fund claims bpa linked to cancer is in the lining of canned soups and pasta marketed to children.
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the product testing showed an average of 49 parts per billion bpa and dwell foods tested. disney princess and toy story two tested the highest. they're being told to avoid canned foods and to eat foods packaged pa in paper -- paper- based containers. activists gathered on capitol hill. some are dead and some paralyzed and they're asking lawmakers not to cut medicade. similar rallies were held in six other states this afternoon. today an arlington national cemetary, a burial 68 years in the making. >> that is how long it took to identify, bring home, and bury the remains of the crew of the world war ii bomber. it's quite a story. beth parker is in the web center with more. beth some. >> reporter: this plane was shot down by the japanese in 1943. let me show you where the wreckage landed. right here new britain island
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in the pacific. and in a way, that is just the beginning. the second lieutenant jose olguin was the only survivor on the crew when the plane was shot down during world war ii. >> he had episodes in his life where he would say i don't deserve to do this or i don't deserve to have this. because these noble people, my friends, report here. >> reporter: the plane went down over an island in the pacific. >> returning to the islands became like a rumbled in him. >> reporter: that rumble took him around the world. if only he could have been at arlington national cemetary on wednesday. olguin died in 1995 and spent much of his later years consumed with making sure his comrades remains were identified and brought home. today, the final four from that plane were buried at arlington. among them, the pilot first lieutenant william sars fool. for the family, it's -- sars
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feel. >> for the family, it's a long goodbye. >> he was my grandmother's brother. there was a beautiful portrait of him on the table and he was not spoken about very much, but he was i think n my grandmother's heart. >> reporter: barbara is starfield's niece and came to arlington with her sisters to lay him to rest because her grandparents never had that chance j. we feel he was there today in a way. we went into the chapel and all of the lights went out and we were told we may not have the flyover due to the weather. and then a little bird flew right in to the chapel and went over our heads. and then went out again at the end of the service and then the lights returned. it was very very meaningful. >> he's around here somewhere. >> someone was watching down today. >> reporter: in a way, someone else was present here, the families received a letter from the son of the japanese pilot that shot down the plane. he recalled what his father told him. college each plane fell from the sky, he thought of the families those pilots left behind. he put his hands together,
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prayed and asked for forgiveness. >> reporter: that forgiveness is clearly granted as the families find peace. >> he didn't have children of his own, so we were his relatives and his remaining family and we were able to be there for him in the end. 68 years later. >> and felt like coming home to a family today. it really did. and i will never forget. it was very meaningful. >> reporter: and, she said, they are all family now. the folks who came to arlington live all over the country and they told me they will keep in touch and that they is been family all -- they have been family all long but today was the day they got to meet. back to you. >> thank you, beth parker. in case you haven't heard simon is back. the x factor premiers less than three hours away. >> what can you expect from fox's brand you in show? sarah frayed frazier is here with a -- sarah frazier is here with more in 15 minutes. i remember saying to him
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this baby's coming out now and he said keep it in. >> one dad's quick thinking helped bring his baby safely into the world. we're going to take you inside this special delivery. next. b j . t icei we io n actere
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>> an amazing recovery for a boy pulled from the pacifico after being under water for 20 minutes. he's out of the hospital. the 12-year-old dale ostrander nearly died in august when he was on a trip to oregon. the rip tide pulled him under, rescuers including a 12-year- old girl who he didn't know, searched for him and found him under the water. he was not breathing at that point and after weeks of treatment dale is now reularying how to walk and talk j. are you excited?
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yeah, i thought so. can you say yes? >> yes. >> yes. >> he's not 100% dale, you know, as he was august 4th. and i will he will be back and recover fully. >> he wanted to go home and pet his dog. >> and. >> a utah couple knew knew the birth of their baby would be a big deal. they were on the way to the hospital when mom knew they would not make it and hear husband pulled over on the side of the road and called 911. take a lissie. >> he was coming out and i remember saying to him -- he said keep it in. >> she tells me the baby's coming. i tell her to stop the baby from coming and she said, you, a can't stop this from happening. >> yeah, you can't stop it, dad. thank goodness the dispatcher was there and talking to the delivery of baby hawk. dad started filming with the cell phone camera. baby hawk is perfectly happy.
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>> a gorgeous baby. wow, what a way to enter the world. the stories for a lifetime. >> yes. and well, most of you had a foggy start to the day. it gave way to showers, too. >> and who is not already thinking about the weekend now? gary's full forecast is still ahead.
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stn ugoo .
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>> i think we allen it's aurguably -- we all know it's aurguably the best in all sports. the red skins and the cowboys. dave fillman is here to get us through -- dave feldman is here to get us through to the other side. >> reporter: monday night will mark the 103rd meeting. lately, it's been very close. and on monday night football it's been dead even. each team winning seven times and each won six games. so it's close.
5:46 pm
last year each team on their home feel. in the 2010 opener, hall forced a fumble and forced a touchdown in the 13-7 victory. the rematch, the cowboys exacted revenge with a field- goal to defeat the redskins, 33- 30. monday night, the two teams tangle again with the redskins hoping to improve to 3-0 and that is something they have done two times the last 20 years. d. hall knows what to expect. >> dallas home on monday night and the magnitude of the rivalry, i grew up in virginia, so, i don't like these guys. there is no secret about this and we don't go out there and there is going to be a lot of fights and going to be a lot of time going and that is just -- that is what you get when you -- . >> you can't get up for games like this, you shouldn't be in this profession. from a coaching standpoint or a players' perspective, you know, monday night, especially in dallas and, you know, a great
5:47 pm
venue what, you look forward to. and -- while in this game. >> reporter: if the redskins win, they will start the season 3-0, the first time since 2005. that year, they lost the first round of the play-offs to seattle. remember, my 20 is the place to be next monday night when the redskins take on the cowboys and that is in enemy territory. kickoff at 8:30 and immediately following is the post game show. doc walker, lindsay must by and myself, live from cowboys stadium. back to you guys. >> i am curious, do you want to think put out a score yet, anything you want to -- . >> a prediction? >> yeah. >> redskins win this game, 28- 21. >> oh, good. thank you, feld. >> you're welcome. and this does in the apply to you. if you think some men complain too much when they're sick this may back them up. researchers found that men may suffer more when they're sick. the scientists studied a group of male mice and female mice
5:48 pm
who had infections and ground the white blood cells produced twice as many infection fighting white blood cells and they were more effective than those in men. >> how about they can't handle it? >> that is what i think y. this is probably a men who did that study, too. [ laughter ] you know. >> some conversations, i choose not to take part in. gleam, you know? >> yeah. >> a lot of clouds and showers. >> is that ever going to end? >> and that could be worse. it's not rained much today. and -- is that sun? >> i don't know. >> and there is a ray of hope and a ray of sunshine, maybe. this is just about it. we start with the radar because we can show you the showers out there to the south of us. this is max hd radar. coming into the city now across the beltway here and then down i-95. fredericksburg. that is some fairly heavy rain right there and that looks like
5:49 pm
it could be a thunderstorm. no rain. no lightning has been produced at least we're not seeing any and another system coming in across 66 there and in northern sections of fauqier county. this continues to move to the north-northeast and if we look at sentinel radar, we'll be able to see all of the rain down to the south and to i-95. getting closer to the cell, just to the west of gainsville and coming across on i-66. again, this is crossing up over and all moving to the north- northeast and this general nothing will continue through the evening hours. most out along i-81 won't see much other than just a light shower. if you're along i-95, looks like you'll get wet and more showers heading to charles county, saint mary's county, calvert county and into prince georges county as well. most of this will cross the bay over to the eastern shore. showers and the forecast all evening long. the temperatures with limited
5:50 pm
sunshine if any. did you see any today? the temperatures in the cities, 73, dulles, 74 and 373 is along 81 there. leonardtown is coming in at 70 degrees. the forecast for this evening, keep the umbrella handy and keep the umbrella handy the next few days. the temperatures you can see dropping into the lower 70s by about 11:00 and not too chilly. all of this is coming up from the south and southwest and again, the flow here wrapping earn the big area of high pressure and another thing is beginning to develop and that is going to be a big play in our weather scenario the next few days. the it stream is taking a big dip here and that is allowing colder air on you out of canada and again, that will come here into the midwest and tennessee valley, ohio river valley and that is going to sit there right on through the weekend and when you get the big system to the west of you, we just continue to bring in moisture from the south and that is
5:51 pm
going to keep under the circumstance in the chance of rain and maybe some thunderstorms with limited sunshine for the next several days and looks like on through the weekend and into the beginning and middle part of next week. overnight tonight, the chance of showers, get used to it. the temperature on the city down to 68 degrees, mid-60s or so on the subissues and some showers tomorrow -- suburbs, the showers tomorrow morning, a passing shower possible at noon and more showers tomorrow with temperatures into the upper 70s. a little bit warmer tomorrow than today and we're only talking two, 3 degrees and not much and the temperatures are pretty much staying in the upper 70s for the next couple of days. and through the weekend, even though we have sunny breaks in there, we're going call for a possibility of showers. stay dry. there is the forecast. and take it to the web center now where we have laura and sarah. >> yes. we're very. it's a big night.
5:52 pm
>> huge. >> simon cowell? back on the air. we have been waiting for his arrival. >> and bring them together like an old married couple. >> and it's a brand-new show, x factor premiering tonight and in over two hours by the way. >> yes. >> and joining us to talk about it sarah frazier of hot 99.5. and let's start with an embarrassing kind of worse nightmare moment for paula abdul. we have a clip and we want to show that first. >> yeah. >> and we discussed it a bit. >> okay. great. >> let's show you. >> yes. ♪[ music ]♪ [singing] >> oh. seriously, that this is somebody who wants to be on tv. >> you think? is he making it turning into to the $5 million challenge? i'm going with no. >> he go got it. >> he did. >> the biggest thing people in twitter and at my fox dc
5:53 pm
twitter and my own personal one, shelby stevenson there are too many singing competitions, what is the difference? >> yeah. >> what is different between x factor and "american idol"? >> all agents, you can be in a band. >> okay. >> you can play an instrument. >> and more mean, too. >> and way more money. it's a gaitered prize. at first there was a rumor it was a record deal and there was a lot of loopholes. simon said no it's a $5 million prize and a roar deal. it's enormous. >> right. >> and i think it's going to be really great tonight j. right. >> if the x factor can pull someone like susan bowl which, they did, i think you will have a home run investment and simon cowell is a draw. interestingly enough, what i'm hearing is that he's met his much in l.a. reid, who is on the judge's panel. what do you know about that? >> lots of people saying he's not going roll over and kind of agree with simo. we saw a lot of that with randy jackson on "american idol." the formula works but i think
5:54 pm
that l.a. reid has a top of credibility. >> and used to be with def jam roars. >> yes. >> and if he -- records. >> yes, and if he gives simon a heard time, but challenges some of the comments by simon, i think the dynamic is enormous. >> yeah. >> and i'm really, really excited. >> and that is a blowout promotion to see. >> blowout? >> yeah. >> and if they can produce starts, the biggest thing is if they can produce stars long lasting. >> right. >> likely ownia louis and susan boyle i think -- leona lewis and susan boyle. >> looking forward to it. >> yes. >> and let's show you the specifics for tonight. the action starts at 8:00. two-hour premier, two hours. and, of course, sarah will be chatting about the show on >> we'll start at 8. >> good. >> thank you for being with us. >> and light go to brian bolter and a look at what is next on the news edge at 6. i know you set your dvr for this. >> better yet, i'm here. >> yes. >> and we can all watch it
5:55 pm
together. >> yeah. >> shawn, too. you, too, sarah. >> yes. we're following developing stories on the news edge at 6. first and foremost in an hour, a death row inmate is scheduled to be executed in georgia will we'll take there you live as protestors across the country make a last-ditch appeal. and honoring a student killed at a local college campus. how the victim is being remembered on bowie state university. and video of a metro driver throwing someone off of the bus. it went viral on the internet. the transit agency's chief addresses the incident the first time. levin production.
5:56 pm
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5:58 pm
>> facebook may lose a few change after the latest changes. everything from the way you actually see your friends up dates to the new ticker with realtime updates from all of your friends. so far, the changes are unpopular at top social media
5:59 pm
book polled facebook users and found more than 70% say they hate the new look. speeders may not like the new speed cameras going up. eight cameras will be zipped on tomorrow, including on sergeant road at the elementary school. the cameras in allentown road are in full e fect and that means the cameras will be given out tickets. if you are caught speeding, you will receive a $40 fine. >> and -- >> thank you for joining us at 5. >> the news edge at 6 starts now. >> helps of people outside of the white house protesting the execution of inmate troy davis. a dozen howard stude


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